The Challenge

Drayton Group Inc. (DGI) was given 4 days to completely remove all lead from a survivability test firing range. The building had never been cleaned to remove the copious amounts of hazardous lead. Test results exhibited multiple areas where the lead levels were in excess of 10 times the EPA permissible limits. Due to the high level of contamination, the entire interior of the building needed to be HEPA vacuumed and wiped clean. This included everything from the ceiling trusses and webbing, all the way down to the floor. The hazardous conditions were complicated by the necessity to use mobile elevated work platforms that had to navigate crowded aisle ways.

Drayton Group’s Response

Multiple levels of personal protective equipment were needed to ensure the safety of the crew. A full containment was constructed to prevent any further spread of the lead from the building. Cleanup began at the ceiling in the farthest corner of the building. Once the ceiling was complete, all platforms were removed of their contents, cleaned and put back into place from top to bottom. All other horizontal surfaces were vacuumed, wiped, and vacuumed again. Highly contaminated areas, such as the Impact Chamber and Firing Tunnel, were given an extra careful and thorough cleaning. Every cabinet, locker, computer, tool, pallet, and room was given the most discriminant cleaning. Some of these areas were highly sensitive secure locations that contained classified information and equipment that required a trusted crew and close supervision. After all of the HEPA vacuuming and wiping was complete, the entire floor was Swiffered and sealed as per EPA regulations. The building was then cleared out and locked until the facility’s industrial hygienist arrived to take post cleaning samples. Once he left, the containment was deconstructed, and all waste was properly disposed of.

The Result

DGI completed a full lead cleanup of the facility in less than 4 days, which allowed the facility to continue its ever important testing for the Defense industry of the USA. All deadlines, regulations and safety concerns were addressed, allowing minimal downtime for the client. DGI utilized its highly trained staff to keep production up and help protect our country.