Grease Trap System Deep Clean and Maintenance

The Challenge

Deep clean and maintain the Grease Trap System located in the kitchen of a major Automotive Company. Meet all standards established by the State of Michigan and the Oakland County Health Departments. The Drayton Group Inc’s (DGI’s). challenges: provide a cleaner, safer environment for kitchen employees on the campus, and prevent clogs in the system while minimizing the amount of solid grease making it to water treatment.

Drayton Group’s Response

DGI’s response included a two-phase solution: a one-time deep clean of the Grease Trap System, and an annual Grease Trap Maintenance Program aimed at preventing future build up. In addition, DGI created all the necessary documentation to meet local Health Department codes.

The one-time deep clean included the following tasks:

  • Remove all grease from the main interceptor and dispose of all grease in the kitchen’s current grease disposal system
  • Clean all surfaces inside the main grease trap interceptor
  • Snake all inlet and outlet access points on the interceptor and the three (3) drains running to the main interceptor

Ongoing maintenance includes:

  • Monthly inspection and cleaning of the grease trap system
  • Bi-monthly change of the bacteria bio drip solution in each of the three drains running to the main interceptor
  • Bi-annual snake of the three kitchen drains
  • Documentation of all procedures to bring the grease trap system up to code

The Result

The kitchen of a major Automotive Campus was brought up to the standards required by the State of Michigan and the Oakland County Health Department. Kitchen employees now enjoy a cleaner and safer environment. And the facility gained a more productive environment as well as potential cost savings on water treatment.

Lead Cleanup