Drayton Group is a family-owned Minority Company.

The company was organized in 2006 after two brothers, working with other contractors in the industry, realized that they had a niche service that not many other companies were able to provide. Looking at the service environment, Drayton Group was formed in order to provide green cleaning and recycling services for the greater good of the earth and environment. As time progressed, Drayton Group has evolved from a company of two brothers to a company capable of building relationships and maximizing cleanliness and efficiency not only in Michigan but the entire country. Making strides for a better greener environment, while providing cost savings techniques and strategies to save money and keep your plant or facility running efficiently.

As Drayton Group has evolved, so have all of its product and service capabilities. Working in the defense, automotive, aerospace, and food/beverage industries requires a high level of safety and planning. Drayton Group started on the premise that all work completed would be done in the safest most efficient manner. Drayton Group has stood by that policy, and that is why each and every employee is put through extensive training, background checks and drug screening.

Drayton Group has stood strong through Michigan’s economic decline, and as the economy makes its comeback, we will continue to evolve. The ability to offer emergency response services is what really gives Drayton Group the edge over our competition. Any time, day or night, Drayton Group managers are ready to field calls and mobilize for emergency cleaning needs. During plant shutdowns, power plant outages, floods, mechanical failures or even basic maintenance downtime Drayton Group is on call and ready to provide quality service at a fair price.

Many times companies working on excavation or construction projects have a tight time schedule in which to complete their work. In that, companies can save time, meet their minority spending requirements, save money and really focus on their main objectives. This eliminates money and time spent on cleaning and removing waste from job sites.

Industrial cleaning can be an art-form, and Drayton Group has perfected methods of cleaning just about anything. In addition to heavy industrial and commercial cleaning, Drayton Group offers a variety of services including lead abatement, general housekeeping, environmental shipping inspection preparation, furniture, office equipment and scrap removal, HVAC cleaning, lubrication maintenance scheduling, tank and vessel cleaning, total building revamps including interior and exterior surfaces and any other cleaning need you may have.