Industrial Cleaning Services

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You need a clean, safe and efficient commercial workplace or industrial facility, but you find yourself unable to keep up with your cleaning needs. Your business requires a helping hand to stay on top of routine or deep cleaning so you can keep your machines in top working order and your employees healthy. The Drayton Group provides environmentally-friendly cleaning methods and an experienced staff for every size of business.

industrial cleaning services

Stamping and Production Press Cleaning

Your stamping press remains in place with this fast cleaning method, so you don’t have to worry about reassembling your machines once we finish. This organic approach is EPA-approved and leaves your devices in pristine condition.

Commercial Building Deep Cleans

You keep things as clean as possible, but dirt, dust, bacteria, debris and other materials build up over time. Your equipment becomes less efficient, your work environment gets dull and you need a way to refresh your buildings.

CNC Machine Cleaning

We use dry ice blasting, a non-abrasive cleaning method, to get everything cleared out of the machine. This environmentally friendly method also reduces your downtime and cuts down on your costs. Plus, it gets your machines cleaner than other methods.

Industrial cleaning services to meet your needs.
Industrial cleaning services to meet your needs.