Shooting Range Lead Cleanup

reach EPA and government standards when we clean your gun range

Firearm ammunition has lead-containing primers or unjacketed lead bullets that generate lead dust and fumes. Shooters, employees and anyone else spending time at your gun range are exposed to this dangerous dust and fumes. Keep your customers safe and your facility clean with Drayton Group’s shooting range lead cleanup services. Drayton Group has certified technicians trained in all housekeeping and lead cleanup services necessary for maintaining a healthy and safe gun range.

Shooting Range Cleanup Services

HEPA HVAC Filter Replacement

  • HEPA filters
  • Filter bags
  • Pre-filters

Savage Snail System Maintenance

  • Check snail oil concentration
  • Empty bullet trap and place bullets in drums
  • Empty front trough
  • Sludge removal from trough

HEPA Vacuum Shooting Range

  • Remove all waste and place casings into drums

Shooting range lead cleanup services to meet your needs

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